Judy DeRosa a.k.a. Little Wing an Echota Cherokee Elder

My art work is created on canvas, paper and various mixed mediums. I am self-taught. I began painting at the tender age of eight years old. Early pieces were painted with oils on plywood, cardboard or anything I could find to create upon. People would ask for my paintings of Paris or factories or street scenes of New Orleans and they would give me a look like, “How can this little kid know about these places?” I had not traveled out of my neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. “Where are you getting these ideas?” My reply was: “These places are inside of me and my art wants to come out and visit with you”. My art path has brought a depth of personal understanding in the intertwining of the arts and the symbolism of diverse indigenous traditions of the world. To me truth never dies from cultures in the real world of iconic visionary art.

I use the universal energies as my guide and have dedicated my life to the art process. Patrons span the globe from a Sacred Temple in Kyoto Japan to London England.

Other artist formats: Photography, functional ceramics, bronze sculpting, jewelry creation, acrylic painting, collage, mask making, glass fusion, and precious metal work in pure silver, encaustic wax, alcohol inks, mono printing in oil, clay mono printing, intaglio etching and print making, mandala projects.

Judy has further challenged her artist expression by teaching art in “Arts in Correction” prison program, And as an ordained minister Rev. DeRosa conducted Native American circles and was visited by Buddhist inmates in the Valley Women’s Prison in Chowchilla.

As a visionary artist Judy DeRosa’s work, beautifully expresses the spiritual yearnings of this age. Her art is a visual meditation for the inner peace 01 a searching soul. The artful storytelling is used to remind the observer of their own deep innermost thoughts and to remember that humanity is never alone on our cosmic journey. Because our Earth experience is a university to learn and share while bringing compassion into the lives of people we meet.

As a Reiki practitioner and nondenominational minster since 1972, I believe we are here to be of service for each other. I also take pleasure in creating special ceremonies for individuals wanting a nature oriented depth to their marriage vows or a special memorial for a loved one.

I share sacred symbols with you so you will re-remember who you really are. Walk your path and follow your heart. Surround yourself in art and beauty.

Sacred Storytime

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